Green Home Builders in Austin, TX

Do you want to make sure your home remodeling or home building project is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible? Soledad has a long history as green home builders in Austin. We look at each home as a whole ecosystem, and this thought process informs our entire approach to green building.

  • When we remodel a home we sort and recycle old materials so that we may donate them to Habitat for Humanity so that they can go on to be loved by less fortunate families instead of filling up landfills.

  • We build sustainable structures. We choose materials that are meant to last so that we cut down on waste in the long run.

  • We’re concerned about Austin’s water issues, so we install hot water circulation systems. These systems are awesome! You will never have to run the shower for five minutes waiting for the hot water to arrive again, which means less water down the drain. It also means you save time and get a pleasant hot shower on demand.

  • We often use solid surface flooring. Carpet requires a ton of care and is not sustainable. Eventually carpet ends up in the landfill, but wood flooring can last for decades and is biodegradable.

  • We pay extra attention to energy efficiency by choosing the right A/C unit, the right insulation, and the right installation. The way your windows open to catch the breeze can make a big difference to the amount of energy your home is using.

Green building does not have to cost extra. In many cases, green building practices can cost less than traditional building practices, both in terms of up-front costs and in the long run as you save money on your water and electricity bill.

Marc is Green Boots Certified by Austin Energy, and is a National Association of Home Builders Certified Green Professional. In addition, Soledad is a member of the following organizations:

  • National Home Builders Association of Austin
  • Custom Builders USA
  • Texas Association of Builders
  • Austin Area Conservation Council
  • Participants in the Austin AIA Tour
  • Participants in the NARI Remodeling Tour
  • Participants in the Cool House Tour

Finally, when you build with Soledad you’ll be helping out the Hill Country Conservatory. We donate a portion of the proceeds from each house that we remodel or build.

If building green is important to you, call Soledad at (512) 306-8310 to learn more.